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Monday, February 19, 2007

Elveden Estate


Yesterday we were on the A11 at Elveden, which if you know the area, is the only piece of single carriageway road between Newmarket and Norwich.

We went into the Deli/Cafe at the Elveden Estate, which is probably the most luxurious farm shop, we've ever seen. There were lots of very interesting products, many of which were gluten free and probably unheard off outside of Suffolk or Norfolk. It was definitely worth a browse. We bought some Suffolk salami and a Suffolk dressing for salad.

We also had a coffee in the cafe and they said to mention if you had any allergies. Obviously, this didn't apply to the coffee, but I asked and they said they were very much aware of all the problems and would be happy to provide an appropriate meal.

They also have all sorts of other things to do.

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