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Thursday, May 13, 2004

How I Was Diagnosed


I posted this when I was asked how I was diagnosed.

"Increasingly over the years I’d been getting lethargic and found it difficult to shake off colds and flu.

So I went to the GP and saw a locum, who must have been well into his 70’s. Sharp as a nut though and decided I needed a check over. So he did a blood test and that showed up a shortage of vitamin B12 and other things.

I started the injections for B12, but things didn’t get better, so I was sent to Addenbrokes. They diagnosed it first from a blood test and then confirmed it with a endoscopy.

Since then I’ve felt so much better having cut out bread, beer and pasta. Never touched it since the diagnosis was confirmed.

As I feel so much better, I think there is scope for a book on the positive sides of coeliac being diagnosed. Especially, if like me you are probably not a serious case. After all, I’ve found some truly wonderfully non-PC meals, that are gluten-free, that you can now eat without guilt! Bacon, eggs and beans for a start! I still can’t put on weight easily!"

I've been very surprised at the posts I have received from people who were diagnosed at an older age than me!


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