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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sun and Sensitivity


We are all at different levels of sensitivity.

After all I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 55 and had eaten bread for those years. Basically the only symptom I had was tiredness and very low B12. But I was fit and healthy in many other ways. I’m not fitter and my real tennis handicap has improved about four points.

So I can as you put it take the odd breadcrumb and not really be bothered. But that still doesn’t mean that I go after them. In fact I now have a totally bread-free diet, preferring to eat potatoes for bulk. (But then I always liked my spuds. Especially, new and plain!)

So I’ve never really had any trouble in PizzaExpress as I stick to the salads, the tuna and beans and the ham and eggs. I can also confirm that they have told me to bring my own base in. To me though, as with bread they’ve gone!

The funniest thing though is that since I’ve been on a gluten-free diet, I have no problem working in the heat or sitting reading in the sun. These are both things I couldn’t do before. I suspect, it was due to some problem with lack of vitamins or something else my body couldn’t absorb.



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