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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Calais and P&O Ferries


I got mixed up in the trouble at the Chunnel on Friday night as I was coming back from France. Actually, very easy getting into the Port at Calais and then due to P&O I had to wait two hours later than I should for the ferry. Partly, this was due to port problems, but it wasn’t too bad as I spent a lot of time educating a medical student about coeliac disease.

I was getting hungry as although it was only eight in the evening all the snack bars seemed to be closed and you could just about get coffee or a Coke. Incidentally, there was a lot more available at Dover than Calais. So I just waited for the boat.

I did get a good coffee and some crisps on the boat, but the notice in the Food Court summed it all up. “Food Allergy Advice – Whilst every effort is made to maintain the integrity of all food served onboard, we regret that due to the complexity of our operations, we are unable to guarantee that any food will be free of food allergens.”

Is that good enough?

Allergen Notice on P&O Ferry

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Blogger Life @ the crossroads said...

Interesting you should mention this cop out on allergies. Dexters Restaurant at Bristol Airport makes the same claim. And it is not good enough.

Bring in the Scandinavian's who clearly mark up everything from hotel breakfasts to fast food outlets. As ever we are behind the times.

2:30 pm  

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