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Sunday, February 03, 2008

I Thought it was Getting Better


I thought that hotels and restaurants were getting better in their treatment of those with allergies like me.

That is until I read this e-mail :-

We went to a wedding last weekend, and stayed at the Stirling Highland Hotel (where the wedding was held).

We told the chef that Lala was coeliac and asked if there was a gluten free menu option. No.
We asked the wedding organiser for a copy of the menu options and were sent a copy of the menu, and asked if we could have the beef and vegetables and we would bring our own gravy to be microwaved. No.
Chef said that he would provide the beef option as a coeliac option, including gravy. This didn't arrive - just a bit of beef and some veggies that had some sort of coating on them. Being 5 years old and faced with something she had never seen before, she wouldn't eat it, so we gave her some chips that we were assured were safe.

The starter was carrot and potato soup, but I think that the Chef used a wheat thickener, (either that or the chips weren't safe) because she was sick as anything over the following few days. When she got up on the Sunday, she was itching, and her face was an absolute mess.

We won't be eating there again.

I certainly won't be going to the Highland Hotel in Stirling.



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