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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hotels in Holland


I have just spent an enjoyable weekend cycling round the dunes of Den Haag with a friend.

We went for lunch at the Hotel Duinoord, which is part of the Fletcher Hotel Group, at Wassenaar, which is a few miles north of Den Haag and a short walk from the beach. I asked what asparagus was available as the season has started and we both ordered asparagus with smoked salmon and some glasses of rose. I said I didn’t want any bread, as I don’t do gluten, so you can imagine my surprise, when I was presented with four small slices of excellent gluten-free bread.

The waitress thought it was a hotel rather than a group policy, but it would probably be worth checking out the group if you are visiting Holland.

We have always found the food at the Hotel Duinoord excellent and as we’ve always visited in the sun, the setting is also very good, where you sit on a terrace. I’ve got a red face to prove it!


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