James Miller - Coeliac Diary


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Village Bakery Ginger Biscuits


These have just appeared in my Waitrose. They seem to be going fast too. Like hot biscuits?


Wednesday, May 10, 2006



I was in Nottingham today and visited Starbucks. I was told that the GF chocolate cake had been discontinued, but I did find a GF cheese sandwich. It said that the cheese was vintage Cheddar and the sandwich was perhaps a bit elderly. It did fill a hole however. (In much the same way concrete does!)


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where to Stay in East Anglia


I live at Newmarket and East Anglia isn't bad at all.

If anybody is going to Cambridge, then I'd recommend the Crown and Punchbowl at Horningsea. They have home made gluten-free sausages amongst an almost totally gluten-free menu and if you say when you book, they'll even make you a roll. They have several reasonably priced rooms. Cambridge itself doesn't have any gluten-free restaurants, but everybody knows about it. The Pheonix at Histon and the White Pheasant at Fordham both know what they're doing. The former is Chinese, where they will serve duck in lettuce leaves rather than pancakes.

If you go to the Norfolk coast, then most places seem to be able to do a good gluten-free meal. We go regularly to the Victoria at Holkham, which is by a very big beach, that is ideal for dogs. They also have Aspall Cyder on draught, which is a reason for going itself.

In Norwich, there is a cafe called Expresso, which always has a good gluten-free meal. Or they have when I've been there.

Don't know about others, but on the whole there is a high awareness of gluten allergies in East Anglia. Perhaps, the incidence is higher, due to all the cereals.