James Miller - Coeliac Diary


Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Death of Dandruff


Since I’ve been diagnosed as a coeliac and have been on a gluten free diet, my need for an anti-dandruff shampoo has gone away! My skin is a lot better too!


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Mosquitos Prefer Certain People


Before I went gluten-free I was never bitten. Now I am all the time!


Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Breath of Fresh Air


My wife is a barrister in Cambridge and so once a year we all troop along for a worthy dinner for all of the local lawyers at one of the colleges. Usually, the food is awful and if you ever had mentioned gluten-free you’d have got a “What?” or something ruder.

This year we ended up in the Great Hall at Kings. This is the paired building opposite the chapel that is so well known. It is magnificent and well worth a visit on its own.

As we entered, I thought this can’t be bad as I was offered a satay-like starter, which I was assured was pure meat. Is the sauce gluten-free? I asked. The waitress didn’t know, but it looked it as it was a thin Thai one. I certainly didn’t have any reaction.

Imagine my surprise when I was presented with a four course gluten-free menu of char-grilled asparagus with quails eggs, tuna with a salad, confit of duck and a raspberry crème brulee. I declined the latter as it came with a biscuit, but mainly because I rarely do puddings!

There was also vegetarian and special diet options.

Not bad really, as we were all paying for the meal and one that really did do credit to all concerned.

Let’s hope other mass caterers follow suit.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Worst Restaurant Chain


After the various posts about gluten-free restaurants, I would like to nominate Prezzo as the worst.

There are only two things on their menu, I can eat! As we were returning late from Chelmsford to home on Friday night, and there wasn't anywhere else to eat, it was starve or eat chicken!

We could have gone to Pizza Express (We were actually at Freeport Braintree), but Celia didn't feel we should as we'd eaten there during the week. They at least do have a lot more things a coeliac can eat and are prepared to tell you. Incidentally, their new menu seems to have a few more items that are gluten-free.