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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gluten-Free Cookery School


Thanks to everyone who responded to the death of Celia.

It’s funny but I’m happier now that I’m by myself. I suspect that it’s because I can do what I want and eat what I want and need. My middle son went out and bought some ready-made cottage pies for supper yesterday and he didn’t bother to read the label. So I went out for an Indian in Cambridge.

Seriously, though my cooking skills are pretty limited, although I’m not bad with a frying pan for one.

Does anybody know of a gluten-free cooking school, preferably somewhere nice and warm, that would welcome a sixty-year-old widower with the lack of knowledge outside of the very basic?


Friday, December 07, 2007

Kangaroo Meat


Kangaroos are gluten free, but they jump about a bit on your plate. They are yumm though!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cough Remedies


According to my pharmacist friend, honey, lemon and whisky is just as good. That’s gluten-free.

There’s been a story recently that has said that honey is better than the main ingredient of cough mixture.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Jay Rayner


Jay Rayner is an ill-informed food columnist on the Guardian.

So I wrote this letter to the Editor.

I've given up buying the paper.

Jay Rayner’s blog on food intolerances is a disgrace and about as unscientifically correct as you can get.

I’m a sixty year old coeliac who was diagnosed a few years ago, and my life has been totally changed as a result. No more chronic dandruff, bad skin, gallstones, joint pains, migraines, mild depression, excessive tiredness, the runs and wind.

Did I make that all up? Was it a fad?

Studies show that one in a hundred of the UK population are coeliacs. If more were properly diagnosed and went on a gluten-free diet, many more people would be able to take a full part in society. They would also not be such a drain on the NHS, with problems like depression and arthritis, which can appear because of gluten in the diet.

Your paper, should be promoting good health care, not allowing columnists to use it as a mouthpiece for their quack science.

This was one of the best replies to his article.
I think the weasley squirming of Mr Rayner has come a little too late. I had eplilepsy in my teens but thankfully I haven't had a seizure for about 14 years. The point of bringing that up is: do you think I imagined it or that I was possessed by the devil? They were brutal seizures and they happened. So has Coeliac Disease.

I was diagnosed about two months ago and had to leave my full-time job (in journalism) and ended up being a total wreck in terms of physical health. Mentally, I'm as chipper as ever but it's dim-witted, demented and ill-educated tosspots like you that cause the prejudice that some colieacs suffer when they go to bars, restaurants and the like. You are extremely dangerous.

Perhaps you have climbed down but ill-educated cowards usually back track when they realise they have been rumbled. You are one.