James Miller - Coeliac Diary


Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Just returned.

No ill affects at all. Food was excellent, although I was very careful, but restaurants could all read the celiactravel Arabic documents. One even added a footnote for other chefs.


Friday, February 10, 2006

Tesco Healthy Living


I also bought two of the Tesco Healthy Living pies as they were on special offer. There are several varieties, most are gluten free and all comes with a potato crust.

I had the Cottage Pie today for lunch and it was quite nice. It actually had too much salt for my taste. And probably me too, as I’m supposed to stick to a low salt diet as I’ve got a gall stone.

It certainly was a good lunch, for someone of the “Men Behaving Badly” school of cuisine!

The product also has the new labelling which has been much-derided by health fascists. I actually found the labelling a bit frightening as it listed that the pack contained 32% of my daily salt needs. That salt again!

As this is quite a new product for Tesco with a 2006 copyright, I looked at the Allergy Advice on the back. It also gave extra allergy information about nuts, so the message must be getting through.

All in all though the product would be much better with half the salt!




Tesco gave me one of my worst shopping experiences yesterday.

I went to the old stocking factory at Baldock and had filled my trolley only for there to be a fire alarm. So I had to leave the trolley and wait in the car park. In the end I had to drive away empty-handed.

Today I went to the smaller Tesco in Newmarket, which seems to have been laid out in a much more logical manner. The interesting point was that at the entrance you passed the Organic display, follows by the Free From and then the various sauces, oils etc.

Some have been worried about Tesco’s policy on gluten free and I think that they can be reassured if they put gluten free goods prominently in the store.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kettle Crispy Bakes


I got a packet from Waitrose today.

One slight problem is that on their web site, they say they are gluten-free. The ingredients don’t look at all dangerous, as they state the origin of things like maltodextrin as being potato.

But on the packet it says wheat-free.

I’ve e-mailed them for clarification.

Update October 2006

The new packaging says gluten free.